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For many years, we have been creating remarkable travel experiences for visitors to Turkey. We believe travel is not about seeing new destinations, it is about experiencing them.​

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We take pride in sharing this unique beautiful country and its rich cultural history, as we take you on an enriching journey through the scenic landscape and ancient archaeological sites.
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We are the bridge between you and Turkey that brings all the information necessary for your medical tourism trip.​

Our family has been in the medical profession in Istanbul, Turkey for over 20 years and this is the security that you in knowing that we have all the knowledge about our hospitals, clinics, doctors and medical services and that all of them meet our strict requirements for safety and quality of care. Medical tourism is not just about affordable surgeries but also about innovative surgeries and treatments. Many of our doctors are working with the latest technologies that are not yet available in Europe.

When you go overseas for any medical procedure you want to make sure that you are working with an agency that really cares about you. An agency that will treat you like family and makes you feel at home. Because this is where we want you to be in our home country.

We will save you hours of research and easily provide all the information you need thus taking a lot of the stress, uncertainty and legwork out of the process. Our family is fully invested in our agency and our staff is dedicated to make sure that every need is satisfied and every issue is properly handled.

Hair Transplantation
Turkey is no way inferior to any other country in the world mainly in terms of medical education and medical services. ​

In addition, Turkish doctors have proved their mettle across the world in their specialties after completion of their basic medical courses in Turkey its self.

Over the recent past, many patients across the globe turned towards Turkey as the most exciting option for Hair Transplantation.

The prime reason for choosing Turkey as one of the most sought after destination for medical tourism is lesser cost of the therapy.

Plastic Surgery
Decision regarding surgery and on various alternatives that are available and appropriate. ​

The terns are committed to ensuring patient satisfaction with outcomes; resulting in improvements in self-esteem, social confidence and quality of life.

Equipped with the latest medical technology and dedicated to clinical excellence, patient comfort and safety.

Turkish surgeons are among the most qualified and the first that adopt the most advanced-based and safe techniques in the world.

Thermal Treatments
A land crisscrossed by seismic faults that bring life to over 1,200 natural springs, Turkey has since antiquity been a popular destination for those seeking therapeutic water treatments.
Even today, many visitors consider their trip to the Anatolian peninsula incomplete without a stop at one of the renowned thermal sites or world-class thermal spas.
Many of the thermal springs in Turkey have been found to have high mineral content, lending some credence to the ancient claims of their healing abilities.

Thermal treatments
The water of Yalova Thermal Springs  is in the class of mixed thermomineral waters with calcium, sulphate and fluorine. Its mineralization is about 1500 mg/L. It is colorless, clear and mildly sweet.

The bath cure of Yalova Thermal Springs is especially good for rheumatic diseases. It’s been reported by Istanbul Universty main branch of medical ecology and hydraclimatology that this water helps the treatment of rheumatic diseases and arthiritis, besides raising the pain threshold. This water can also be used as drinking cure for the preventation of teeth decays, functional stomach and intestine diseases such as constipation and indolance of gall bladder.